Why Combi Oven Technology Is Excellent for School Cafeterias

School cafeteria meals don't have to be predictable. With today's students, food that isn't tasty is boring and irrelevant. At the same time, school districts and the foodservice equipment companies that support them are making things easier on today's directors and cafeteria staff. Combi oven technology is one of these improvements.

Rational's CombiMaster PlusThe RATIONAL's SelfCookingCenter from RATIONAL gives cafeteria staff the ability to serve healthier dishes that students enjoy, but there are a whole range of benefits that K-12 cafeterias can experience with a combi oven from RATIONAL.

The RATIONAL SelfCookingCenter K-12 Benefits

School foodservice directors across Virginia and Maryland can use a piece of equipment that:

  • Prepares delicious and nutritious meals
  • Requires less fat and retains more vitamins
  • Produces food in large volumes and a consistent manner
  • Improves kitchen efficiency and safety
  • Eliminates manual cleaning
  • Captures and documents HACCP data

Combi Ovens in Schools

K-12 Nutrition Goals and RATIONAL

Many of the schools RATIONAL works with are implementing innovative programs centered on the use of locally sourced produce, options for in-class dining, snack service, grab-and-go stations, and other ideas that can enhance young people's food experiences and nutrition.

  • The SelfCookingCenter uses as much as 95 percent less grease and oil
  • Breaded items and many other convenience foods cook with no oil at all
  • Produce food in the SelfCooking Center; store in containers in refrigerators
  • When food is ready to serve, load the vessels in the ovens and use Finishing® to bring them up to serving temperature
  • Get creative with vegetables by using healthy choice bars stocked with foods like yogurt bars with fruit toppings
  • Hide fruits and vegetables in delicious smoothies or sauces
  • Make raw vegetables beautiful by using an array of colorful produce
  • Students need at least 25 minutes to eat their lunches

Try out a RATIONAL SelfCookingCenter and See How Combi Technology Can Help Your K-12 School Cafeteria Service

School nutrition programs have the opportunity to sign up for RATIONAL CookingLive events. In these first-hand demonstrations, you'll join High Sabatino, our culinary staff, and corporate chefs from RATIONAL as we talk food and demonstrate the capabilities of combi technology.

You won't just be learning; you will also be tasting. So that you can understand more about individual units and their capabilities, we show you new applications for foodservice equipment you may already have in your kitchen. And, well, someone has to eat the food, right?

We will show you new applications and how they can make more money for your organizations. We want you to maximize the potential of your operation. Perhaps you are searching for ways to increase student participation in your school cafeteria, or you want to expand your menu to generate more revenue? We can assist you!

Register today for a RATIONAL CookingLive event!