High Sabatino Changes

If it feels like we're announcing something new just about every week here at High Sabatino, it's because we are. The additions of Hatco and ITV Ice were just the beginning, as today we're happy to announce the addition of two new lines and an acquisition that will make us an even greater resource for foodservice operators in Washington, D.C, Virginia, and Maryland.

High Sabatino Associates Acquires Monobloc LLC: Meet Bill Dolan

High Sabatino Associates is excited to announce the acquisition of Monobloc LLC with Bill Dolan joining the High Sabatino family. Bill's vast experience and knowledge coupled with his deep relationship with regional operators will help us to better service our customers and our manufacturer partners in MAFSI Region 5. Let's start by introducing you to Bill.

bill dolanBill Dolan is an industry leader. He has more than 30 years of professional foodservice experience, and his sales, marketing, and operational expertise have enabled him to oversee the successful design, planning, and installation of projects ranging from the historic kitchens in the White House and the Greenbrier Resort to cutting edge kitchens for some of the country's top chefs.

As it pertains to manufacturing, Dolan has led several of the industry's leading factories in their efforts to design innovative solutions including names like Vulcan and Alto-Shaam. He was also an integral part of the successful launch of Viking Range's commercial lines and has partnered with top design consultants to meet the needs of the most unique culinary challenges, offering solutions that are efficient and reliable. Dolan is also an experienced trainer, having initiated and built the industry's premier culinary test and training kitchen at Vulcan's Baltimore headquarters where he used interactive product cut-aways to facilitate product comparisons and showcase brand benefits.

A native of Alexandria, Virginia, Dolan earned a B.A. in Business Management from the University of Dayton and completed professional training programs at Johnson and Wales, Cornell University, and Hobart. He is a member of Le Club des Chefs and FCSI. Dolan is based in the DC area, where he is an avid sailor and cyclist.

As mentioned above, High Sabatino's acquisition of Monobloc LLC brings two important partners to the High Sabatino family of culinary-focused solutions.

The Montague Company

montague logoMontague is a leading manufacturer of high-end ranges and culinary cooking suites with more than 100 years of experience delivering results for national brands like Ruth Chris Steakhouse. Though many in the industry associate Montague with fine dining, they also provide effective solutions in other types of operations including schools, colleges and universities, and healthcare.


oscartek-logoOscartek is synonymous with high-end quality and sleek, Italian design. One of the top manufacturers of food displays and merchandisers, solutions from Oscartek can be used in operations ranging from country clubs to C&U dining facilities. It's a versatile line that is consultant-focused, bringing a beautiful and stylish aesthetic to refrigerated food displays that will increase impulse purchases wherever they're placed. Oscartek is used in the country's leading retail and foodservice operations.

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