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Think about the last time you bellied up to the bar and watched as the bartender poured pints of ale. Was there excess foam? Did he scrape off foam with a spoon? Did she have to wait several minutes for the foam to dissipate in the glass before filling the remainder of it? If any of these things happened, the reality is the bar likely poured profits down the drain – literally.

The bar and beverage segment is one of the most profitable parts of a restaurant or foodservice operation. When beer is delivered to the tap at the wrong temperature or with incorrect pressure, the result is a foamy beer that leads to lost profits. For busy operations where kegs are kicked and replaced regularly, it’s important to make sure those kegs get down to proper serving temperatures as quickly as possible.

beer cooling timesWhen beer arrives in a bar or restaurant, kegs are often warmer than the temperatures required to provide a great guest experience or to maximize profits. As detailed in the charts above, it can also take a long time to bring kegs down to those ideal temps. The reality is that a standard walk-in cooler, a unit that in most cases also contains food ingredients that need to be accessed during serving times, might not be the best solution.

Walk-ins are notorious for doors that open and close, open and close. After all, they’re used for more than just beer. This can cause temperatures to fluctuate inside the walk-in, which will, in turn, change the temperature of the beer within a keg. There’s another option, however.

Consider a draft beer locker or a direct draw kegerator from Canadian Beverage Supply. These units can help isolate beer kegs, making it easier to bring kegs down to proper serving temperatures and keep them there. By removing beer from other ingredients within the operation, it’s easier to control the entire beer system, making achieving quality and profits. Remember, faucets flow at about two ounces per second, so when that beer isn’t poured properly, those liquid ounces can turn to foam, which is profits going right down the drain.

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