What Its Like to Attend the HOST Milan Show

After an amazing time in Germany at the 50th anniversary of RATIONAL, it was time to hop on a bus, head over the mountains, and drop in at the epicenter of foodservice innovations -- the HOST Milan Show.

HOST Milan is like no other foodservice equipment show. It's massive, boasting numerous halls dedicated to various aspects of the industry, with complete buildings centered around service types such as coffee and gelato. The reality is it can be overwhelming, and if I'm being truthful, I should point out that I only made it to four of the buildings. That's right. I only made it to four of the roughly 20 or so buildings, each about the size of the McCormick Center in Chicago, where we all attend the NRA Show each year.

But what I did see was amazing, and here's a quick recap of my adventures in Milan, Italy, at this year's HOST Show.

The Future of Electric Cooking

A significant takeaway from HOST Milan was the growing prominence of electric cooking suites across many of the European manufacturer brands. While much European equipment is created with different standards and codes in mind as compared to the U.S., it's clear to see the direction in which we're headed. With a focus on energy efficiency, precision, and versatility, electric cooking suites are revolutionizing commercial kitchens and promising a more sustainable approach to cooking. Just take a look at some of the images below, and you'll see just how futuristic our world will look.

Visiting with Factory Friends

One great part about the HOST Milan Show was visiting with some of our great factory partners. Though we're used to seeing many of our factory friends here in the United States at NAFEM and the NRA Show, it was great seeing them across the pond, as well. Hatco, a renowned manufacturer of food warming and heating equipment, was one of the factories we visited, and of course, we visited the RATIONAL booth after our time with them in Germany, where they introduced the iCare System AutoDose. Other factory partners in attendance were Meiko; Irinox; the new Aura from Henkelman/Invacus, which will be displayed at the next NRA Show; ITV; Vitamix; and Winco.

I was grateful for the opportunity to visit with each of the factories while at the show.

Savor the Flavor

The main walkway at HOST Milan was a culinary journey through Italy itself. Filled with exquisite charcuterie made from the finest Italian meats, freshly prepared pastas, and even a Spritz truck -- it's hard not to enjoy the pleasures of being in Italy while taking on the sights and the sounds of the future of foodservice.

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