Vitamix The Ideal Blender for Beverages

A commercial blender is a workhorse, something a chef or bartender depends on daily but doesn't give much thought to until something goes wrong. From sauces to soups to frozen drinks, a top-quality blender can bring speed, efficiency, and reliability to a commercial foodservice operation. For beverages in particular, having an outstanding blender makes a huge difference in the quality of a bar's blended drinks -- that's where Vitamix comes in.

Vitamix is a well-known brand, and has become increasingly popular in home kitchens among the current smoothie and clean eating trends. But its role in a commercial kitchen or bar setting is no less important. As a testament to the trust that food and beverage professionals have for these blenders, Vitamix products have been voted Best-In-Class for nine consecutive years by the readers of Foodservice Equipment & Supplies magazine.

For any beverage professional, there are several key reasons to choose a trustworthy Vitamix blender over cheaper alternatives. Whether you're making frozen cocktails, smoothies, or blended coffee drinks, a Vitamix can bring cost-effective performance to your beverage menu. And with innovations like The Quiet One®, which features noise-reduction technology for quiet environments, Vitamix is providing solutions that respond to the needs of food and beverage professionals.


Even if blended drinks make up a small portion of your menu, your blender will still be getting almost daily use. You never want to worry about a blade breaking or the motor burning out in the middle of a busy night. And you never know when a blended drink will spike in popularity and put your blender to the test.

With a 3-year warranty, hardened steel blades, and a metal drive system with long-lasting double bearings, commercial Vitamix blenders are built to withstand the demands of any commercial kitchen or bar. And Vitamix tests their blenders under heavy load, so you know you're getting the promised horsepower.

Consistency & Control

Vitamix blenders have intuitive controls and consistent program settings, meaning any employee can make drinks that meet your high standards night after night.

With a Vitamix, you also have precise control over the texture of your blended beverages, allowing your creativity to run free. You can make smooth fruit purees or chunky frozen drinks with ease, and you can confidently explore new beverages (like frozen beer cocktails) knowing that your blender will be up to the task. Beverage professionals are constantly coming up with new ways to use blenders for ingredient prep, like blending up a quick infusion rather than the traditional steeped version, or using a blender to muddle cocktail ingredients quickly. Want to top a drink with fresh-made whipped cream? A Vitamix blender can take care of that, too.

Speed & Efficiency

With a cheaper blender, you might find yourself spending time freeing stuck blades or wiping down the sides -- that's wasted time that a professional kitchen or bar can't afford to lose. Or it might simply take longer to blend, since many inferior blenders only test their advertised horsepower on an empty load. Your customers don't want to wait longer for a drink just because your blender can't handle the rush. All Vitamix models are designed to blend efficiently and quickly, meaning you can get the job done with the touch of a button and without any extra steps.

A powerful motor means faster blending and larger batches, which is another way that Vitamix blenders save time (and therefore money) behind the bar. Vitamix blenders are strong enough to make whole fruit and vegetable juices a great addition to any menu.

To learn more about how creative chefs and beverage professionals are using Vitamix blenders, contact us or check out our Vitamix video library.

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