Introducing Vitamix The Quiet One Twist Lock Version (1)

There’s nothing worse than visiting your favorite local coffee shop or speciality smoothie location, and having to pause your conversation because of the loud blender that is used in their kitchen. It’s irritating to customers (we’ve all experienced it!) and it can also hinder the effectiveness and customer service of staff members too. As we know, Vitamix is the industry leader in commercial blenders, and their ingenuity went to work yet again and developed a brand new addition to their commercial The Quiet One line- now available with a Twist Lock sound enclosure!

Meet the Vitamix Family

The Quiet One is the ultimate beverage blender that offers sound reduction that simply cannot be beat, anywhere. It blends up exceptional and delicious beverages in record time, and isn’t a racket for staff or guests waiting or dining in. 

The Quiet One-USP is the blender that the trusted chains across the country turn to when they need to whip up double batches, or larger quantities to store and keep on hang for future. The programmable settings make it perfect for those who value consistent results, time and time again.

The Advance container is the signature container you’ve grown to know and love from Vitamix, which allows for smoother, faster pours. This time saving hack exclusive to Vitamix is what really sets it apart from a customer service standpoint. Millions of rushed guests will agree!

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Vitamix Twist Lock

The new Twist Lock sound enclosure is easier to remove and clean. It also features a large centering pad, making it easier to set up and place it on, as well as one step cleaning between use. One of the best qualities about the new Quiet One Twist Lock is the sound reduction. Did you know that the vibration output sound on The Quiet One is proven to be less than the average human conversational tone output? Your guests won’t be afraid to hang around and conduct video conferencing in your establishment when you’re using a Vitamix The Quiet One series. The Twist Lock sound enclosure feature is just an added bonus and helpful to busy staff members. 

Here are some more features from The Quiet One:

  • Twist Lock sound enclosure
  • Large centering pad for easy cleaning
  • 3-peak output HP motor
  • 6 program buttons
    • 34 optimized settings for consistent blending

No matter what you need to blend, Vitamix has your back, and won't rupture any ear drums in the process. If you're looking for some additional inspiration for new recipes to make in your Vitamix, make sure to head over to our post on Cool Vitamix Recipes for Home or Restaurant.

There are so many things that can be done in a Vitamix, and sometimes, it's best to watch it on video. Our helpful Vitamix video library is there to show you how it's done.

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