What Are the Different Types of Finishing in a Commercial Kitchen?

Consistent, high-quality food is the goal of any foodservice operation. After all, it's what you're selling. But creating and maintaining consistency is also one of the greatest challenges in a commercial kitchen. Finishing is one way to help meet those challenges.


Bring a Farm to Table Menu to Any Commercial Kitchen

Trends come and go, but in foodservice, one major dining trend appears to have firmly planted itself for the long haul.

The farm-to-table movement, also known as farm-to-fork, or farm-to-market, is a reflection on how consumers have evolved with a desire to be educated on the food they’re eating and where that food was grown. And many restaurants, school cafeterias, and commercial kitchens all over the country are embracing a farm-to-table menu.


[New Line Announcement] High Sabatino Now Offers Carter Hoffmann, Doyon and Nu-Vu

High Sabatino is proud to announce the addition of three new manufacturers to our portfolio of solutions: Carter Hoffman, Doyon, and Nu-Vu. These lines will help us better serve a wider range of customers in Virginia, Maryland, and the Washington, D.C. areas.


Four Benefits of a Vacuum Sealer

When you think of a vacuum sealer, your first thought probably goes straight to separating raw foods from air to keep them fresher longer. While keeping foods fresh is one reason to use vacuum sealing, there are many additional benefits of a vacuum sealer to explore. 


Independent Study Names MEIKO M-iQ Best-in-Class for Energy Savings

The independent, US-based industry consultant, Fisher Nickel, recently named MEIKO's M-iQ dishwasher as "best-in-class" for it's potential to provide huge energy savings to foodservice operators.


5 Surprising Things You Can Do With a Rational SelfCookingCenter

Maryland and Virginia foodservice operators know that their guests care about results and Rational SelfCookingCenter® oven provides just that. No matter how you want your finished product to look and taste, one press of the button replaces temperature adjustments, pan rotations, and frequent monitoring. For operators, that means consistent quality, more time for kitchen staff, and happy guests.

It grills, it roasts, it bakes, and it steams. But that’s not all this intelligent combi-oven can do. Let’s examine five surprising things the Rational SelfCookingCenter® can do for your commercial kitchen.


Essential Foodservice Equipment for Virginia and Maryland C-Stores

We recently announced additions to our manufacturers, including Star Manufacturing. Solutions from Star are wide and varied, ranging from heavy duty griddles and charbroilers to smaller, countertop cooking items like sandwich grills, toasters, hot dog service, and more.

With a quick look at Star Manufacturing, it's easy to see how these countertop solutions can be ideal for convenience stores, so let's take a closer look at essential foodservice equipment for Virginia and Maryland c-stores.


Five Reasons to Attend a High Sabatino Foodservice Demo in 2018

We love it when people come by the High Sabatino test kitchen to attend our Irinox Training Demos, our RATIONAL CookingLive events, or just to stop by to browse and talk food. But we've had many people who have never attended ask us, "Why should we attend a demo?"

Here's our answer:


An Introduction to Southbend's TruVapor

Are you ready to steam? What about bake? How about an ideal-sized unit that can do both for your Maryland or Virginia foodservice operation?


Introducing Three New Solutions to Countertop Cooking

High Sabatino is proud to announce the addition of three new lines to our portfolio of solutions: Star Manufacturing, Lang, and Toastmaster. These lines feature the finest in countertop cooking, grilling, frying, and heating for restaurants, chains, c-stores, cafeterias, and more. Every foodservice operation is unique, however, and that's where these new lines truly demonstrate their value.