Pizza Solutions for Meeting Current Demands

As we detailed in a previous blog post, the pizza industry is one of the thriving sectors in foodservice. With the trials and tribulations of 2020, one of the bright spots has been pizza, both in takeout and delivery.

In order to make this type of service successful, though, there are many considerations as it pertains to processes and the equipment to enact those operations. We'd like to detail a few of those here now.


As any fine dining chef knows, mise en place is a critical component to success. But getting everything prepped and arranging it in the right places isn't just for people like Thomas Keller or Daniel Boulud. Mise en place is important for school cafeteria chefs, healthcare foodservice professionals, and yes, pizza parlors. When it comes to creating high-volume pizza business, the only way to be successful is to arrange ingredients in an easy-to-use system that also holds cold ingredients at proper storage temperatures.

The easiest way to achieve proper mise en place ability in a pizza parlor or restaurant is to use the right pizza prep table.


If you ask any pizza connoisseur what differentiates a great pie from an average one, the most common answer will likely be the crust. This means it's important for pizzerias to process what is typically a very high volume of high quality dough. This is when it's important to have a reliable dough mixer that can process with speed and efficiency in order to keep up with demand.

The easiest way to achieve high volume dough processing is with a dough mixer that has the horsepower and durability to deliver.


twister135-300x282-2It's safe to say the most important piece of equipment needed to produce high-quality pizza at high volumes is the oven. How hot does it get? How is that heat focused? How many pies can be cooked in an hour? These are all critical questions that should be answered before considering an oven. 

One suggestion we can make here at High Sabatino is the revolutionary Pavesi Rotating Pizza Oven from Fiero Forni. This oven melds classical and cutting-edge culinary technology, utilizing a rotating monoblock floor that has zero tile gaps, producing incredible heat transfer and retention while cooking. Thanks to state-of-the-art electronic controls that allow you to change rotation speed and temperature, all chefs have to worry about is nailing down the recipe and the Pavesi will take care of the rest.


We've talked about the importance of preparation and of making dough in high volumes, but what if you could combine both aspects? With blast chilling and shock freezing capabilities, it's possible to make large batches of dough, freeze them, and then thaw and proof them at a later date when they're needed for use.

The easiest way to achieve this type of capability is to implement blast chilling and shock freezing with a unit from Irinox.


Lastly, with a segment like pizza that so often requires delivery or pick-up to complete the sales process, it's important to make that process as easy as possible. Particularly as it relates to pick-up, COVID-19 has changed some of the logistics required to create safe and secure pick-up situations. It's been noted even before COVID-19 the shorter the time someone has to wait for food, the greater the chance they'll return for future visits, so creating touchless, low-risk pick-up options are a great way to create easy experiences for your customers.

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