Have You Seen the New Southbend X-Range?

Exciting news from Southbend... At The NAFEM Show 2019, the global leader in heavy-duty, commercial cooking equipment unveiled the new X-Range.

Southbend is known for the high level of customization of their products. Their solution allows operators to choose between hundreds of combinations to build the range that best suits the way they cook.

X-Range customers can choose customizations at three levels:

Width. From 12 inches all the way up to 72 inches, it can fit kitchens of any size.

Base type. Customers can choose between convection and standard ovens, multifunction units, a refrigerator, or a cabinet.

Top. Here is where operators really can build a restaurant range the way they want. The surface is divided into 12- and 18-inch sections that can combine griddles and grates, three types of burners (non-clog, sauté, and Piromax), a French top, charbroilers, work decks, hot plates, and grills.

The X-Range is divided into three series:

XP for exponential customization. It offers the widest choice of widths, bases, and tops.

XH for heavy-duty operations. Width starts from 24 inches with three types of ovens or a cabinet. Top-level customizations were specifically designed for high-volume kitchens.

XS features high-temperature rated knobs, one-inch thick griddle plates, and an optional shut-off valve.

On all models, front, sides, and legs are made of 100% stainless steel. The X-range is the ultimate solution for foodservice operators who want complete control over how they execute their menus. 

Southbend is a global leader in commercial kitchen ranges. Learn more about this innovative brand by checking out the Southbend Video Library from High Sabatino.

Southbend Video Library from High Sabatino