Star Lang Toastmaster

High Sabatino is proud to announce the addition of three new lines to our portfolio of solutions: Star Manufacturing, Lang, and Toastmaster. These lines feature the finest in countertop cooking, grilling, frying, and heating for restaurants, chains, c-stores, cafeterias, and more. Every foodservice operation is unique, however, and that's where these new lines truly demonstrate their value.

Let's examine what this means for a foodservice operation in Virginia or Maryland.

What challenges can countertop cooking equipment solve?

Countertop cooking equipment is the answer to a number of challenges faced by operators. Operations faced with space limitations simply do not have the footprint to utilize heavy duty cooking equipment. By using an existing countertop, this equipment doesn't need a lot of space to produce the same high-quality food.

How about a restaurant with a menu that varies throughout the day? Portable and compact, a countertop griddle can work in the morning, and be stowed away when it isn't needed. Want to expand a menu without expanding your kitchen? A countertop fryer can double the size of your appetizer list without altering your floor plan.

Space, flexibility, and menu diversity are just a few of the many solutions that Star Manufacturing, Lang, and Toastmaster provide.

Meet the new lines

Convection ovens, fryers, charbroilers, griddles, toasters, hot plates, and much more. No matter your menu or style of foodservice operation, there is a piece of cooking equipment ideal for your specific needs. All three lines, Star Manufacturing, Lang, and Toastmaster focus on innovation, performance, and reliability. And whether it's a standard convenience store in Virginia or a specialized chain restaurant in Maryland, countertop equipment can increase your operation's efficiency with a variety of solutions.

To learn more about the newest lines and to discover how this countertop cooking equipment can best serve your foodservice operation, schedule a foodservice equipment assessment with High Sabatino.

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