The Benefits of Cooking With Convection Steamers

One thing about running a foodservice operation is that change is inevitable. There will always be a new appliance on the market that offers better solutions for cooking, cleaning, and simply operating. The trick is to pinpoint the ones that will directly increase your operation's productivity while lowering costs and optimizing service. That's why we want to talk about cooking with steam.


In a previous post, we detailed how steam cooking works. Convection steamers are similar but include some added benefits. Perfect for keeping moisture within proteins like chicken and seafood, they help preserve the fibers and flavors in food. Inevitably, this helps maintain quality.

Most often, convection steamers are used when there's not a rush on time, and while they can speed up the cooking process in many ways, they're best used when preparing something flavorful that can benefit from a slow cook.

One manufacturer of convection steamers is Market Forge. Let's take a quick look at what they say about cooking with a convection steamer.



Talk about variety when it comes to steam cooking! With over 350 models to choose from, each model is built to provide you with endless opportunities. The surplus of model options gives you the ability to prepare and serve food the exact way you've envisioned it. Serve tasteful seafood platters with oysters, crab legs, and lobsters all with the cooking made simple. Or, if your menu is filled with poultry, cook up your favorite chicken recipe and prepare some vegetables to go alongside it. Your menu can easily expand with the impact of a good convection steamer.


Additionally, you'll find out there are more benefits to steam cooking that fall outside of the actual food prep. Utilizing convection steamers is a great way to lower costs and reduce your carbon footprint. Steaming requires less energy to transfer heat, making it easier to cook food and reducing the time spent doing so. You can also save on labor by using serving pans. This helps by reducing the time needed to prep and serve. If that's not enough to win you over, the easy clean up and automated systems should be. 

Many of the models for convection steaming are built with automated systems, taking the need for constantly checking on food as it cooks away. Built in automation helps maintain things like temperatures and adjust settings as needed, making cooking more precise. This also helps with keeping your staff's safety as a priority and prevents potential injuries from happening on the job.

Once you've finished cooking and cleaning, serving the final meals of the day to hungry consumers, and witnessed the difference a convection steamer will make, the only new appliances you'll need in the near future will be additional steamers to increase productivity even more.

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